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In darkness, the only way for love to shine is through…hope.


Sweet, kind and strong-headed Ema Mendes moved to London with a goal in mind: to get her degree to become a successful interior designer. That’s what she worked her whole life for.

Until those mysterious caramel-eyes caught her attention. She knows he’s an infuriating distraction, one she swore off.

He’s her roommate’s brother. Her partner in class. The only one who can bring out emotions she’s never felt.

He continuously shakes her hope in humanity until…he becomes her first love.




Ruthless, cold and successful Nathaniel Blackburn has all the university’s girls at his feet, but after what happened last year he has only one rule: he won’t sleep with the same girl more than once.

What he wasn’t expecting was the lost girl he meet on campus to be his sister’s roommate. The one who should be off limits.

She drives him insane in every way, but is also the reason he’s able to sleep well at night.

Her hope in the world is something he mocks until…she teaches him the meaning of love.


She saw the darkness. He saw the light. They found each other.


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