the debut novel 

by Eva Chau


Hi there!

My name is Eva Chau and I’m from Coimbra, Portugal.


With all the stress in the world I find peace in the pages of a book. For years I day dreamed about stories that I hadn't read and wish I would, until I saw that the only way to read the stories that are in my mind, that have my voice, I had to write them. It all began with writing a chapter on my phone and now I've written a book, improved as a writer and fell in love with the career.

As an Art and Design student I also love design and illustration, and joining that love of mine with books I also fell in love with book covers and illustrating them.

I still day dream, but now it spends less time in my head and more in the words that I write.

In this website, you can find everything related to my writing and book cover designing. Sign-up to my email list to know my book news before anyone else.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them!


Xoxo, Eva Chau

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Reader's Opinions

"Eva has super easy and fluid writing. In addition, there are numerous beautiful phrases that you can take and unlike some books I read, it doesn't look like an author threw up a philosophy book inside."

Luana Gonçalves (Goodreads - Review of Hope)

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