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I’d heard about the snowball effect before, but I’d never understood it first hand. Not until I gave the first step out of my comfort zone.


All it took was getting an anonymous pen pal called Daldust, someone to express myself without the pressure of their opinion on me. Someone to take me out of reality and make a friend of despite my social anxiety. Before I noticed, the snowball had begun rolling.


Little did I know my long-time crush and neighbour and his ever-present, enigmatic flatmate would encounter me. Elijah rekindled in me the confidence I lost long ago, and Moon Hee reached the deepest parts of my soul.


Spending time with them and my best friend, Elisa, terrified me a few months ago, now I long for it. For the late night gatherings in our flat, the weekend trips and the comfort I never got from my family.


That’s when the one thing that changed my life 5 years ago returned, making the snow I’d picked up along the way collapse onto me. What would have crushed me when I felt lonely showed me the surrounding people were the ones giving me the strength to continue. 


My pen pal opened my heart to let others in, but before I knew his true identity, he’d already taken over it.



Modern Pen Pals is a Contemporary Romance with strangers to friends to lovers, found family, pen pals, mental health representation, open-door spice and love triangle tropes.

Modern Pen Pals

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